Ilia Ilev !

143 Years Since the Birth of Iliya Ilev

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Iliya Ilev is a donator and industrialist. Born on December 10th., 1875 in the village of Kryakovtsi in a poor family, he studied two years in an elementary school. He shows signs of entrepreneurship, diligence and thrift. In 1907 Ilev founds a spinning workshop. In partnership he founds a factory – “Badashtnost” Ltd., where in […]

Христо Колчев Конкилев

106 Years Since the Death of Hristo Konkilev

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Hristo Kolchev Konkilev was born in Gabrovo in 1848. His father died since his youth. He had graduated the school of Gabrovo, and after that he went to Robert College for one year. In 1872 he founded a workshop for woolen braiding in Gabrovo. Hating the oppressors, he and Hristo Topuzanov, together with some intelligent […]

Пенчо Семов 145 години

145 Years Since The Birth of Pencho Semov

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„I had appeared poor and had created all life long, had struggled and won. My work is visible. I’ve been a teacher, without being a pedagogue. I’m rich, without being selfish. I’m a social person, without being a socialist. I’ve been working with inspiration, without being a poet”. Being named “ The Bulgarian Rockefeller”, Pencho […]