Interactive Museum of Industry Gabrovo is created with the mission that it builds-up cultural and tourist product of the region, revealing the wealth of old time traditions and inspiring historical heritage, connected to industrial past, present and future of the town.
The museum is projected in an attractive and provocative way, so that it preserves, interpretes, makes popular, develops and educates local resources within a wide spectrum of audience from local and regional, national and world-wide level.

The interactive character of the museum reveals its big potential for enlargement of its fund in cooperation with the local industries and enterprises, aiming to:

Enrich the content of local cultural product, in connection with a big network of contemporary museums, devoted to new thematic segments. Pay a deservedly place of the industrial heritage of Gabrovo, stressing upon its natural liaisons with the national and common European traditions.
Give an answer to the modern requirements of the audiences, by contemporary technological appliances, new perceptions and methods for research with the active participation of the visitor.

Take an active social role in educational process, teaching a feeling of identity, belonging, value and acknowledgement.
Upgrade tourist interest during the whole year as a part of united strategy for cultural revival and renewal.
Encourage social partnership in society, making a social platform for cultural and public discussion.