Exposure is thematically introducing the period since end of C19 till 1944 – the birth of Gabrovo’s industry, it’s growth as a big trading and craftsmen place and imposing of the town as an educational center with the first secular new Bulgarian school.
You may dip into past times where murmuring waters of the river are whispering old legends for skillful masters, and the cobblestone pavements are revived with the rumours of colorful shops and charming traders or joyful passengers.

Feel the atmosphere of the promenade of Gabrovo that reveals a wonderful mixture of colorful way of life, occupation and social relations.
Go through that part of history of the town, which gives the country a spirit of contractors and free people, of these industrialists-innovators, whose work reflects striving for progress at common European level and enforces Gabrovo as the leading industrial center of Bulgaria.