Welcome in the Interactive Museum of Industry Gabrovo for an inspiring adventure with a smile!
Unique by its nature on the Balkans, it reflects the newest tendencies in the museum work. Its elegant architecture, modern design, rich thematic content, contemporary exposure technologies and attractive audio-visual appliances create an authentic and unforgettable atmosphere.

The newest tourist attraction in the city is found on March 21st., 2014 in the capital of humor and satire, in order to represent industrial heritage of Gabrovo, offering its visitors a thrilling travel through three historical epochs – industrialization, socialism and modern times. Thematic scenery and specific spirit of time are enriched by virtual hosts, lots of visual, sound and light effects. A modern 3D projection hall represents most beautiful and emblematic sightseeings in the neighborhood. High technology equipment is attracting passers – by with an unforgettable night light show, projected on the facade.

The museum offers its guests an innovative interactive live through an area of social and economic life, traditionally approachable only in antiquarian literature and old archives. Now a new form of presentation and information perception is awaiting for you in Gabrovo and visitors’ interest is provoked for a consecution of knowledge findings.

Municipality of Gabrovo and the motivated team of professionals, serving in the museum, are inviting you to a personal travelling beyond conventional museum exposures, where you will be able to create your virtual walk according to your own specific preferences. By self – conduction of digital panels of the virtual sets, you may revive history by only one touch of your hand.

Being in the very heart of the town, Interactive Museum of Industry offers a communicative location and high quality of modern entertainment, that is the most innovative part of the rich cultural and historic product of Gabrovo. For further information visit us on visit.gabrovo.bg.