Do You Know That

Do you know that in Gabrovo for the first time opened:
The first secular school – 1835.
The first school library – 1840.
The first application of sonorous methodology for the letters pronunciation – 1868.
The first educational cabinet in physics – 1872.
The first factory for cartridges.
The first tennis – court and ice – rink -1922.
The first factory for delivery of cloths for the Princely Court – 1882., founded by Ivan Kolchev Kalpazanov for the production of textile, homespun and braids. It is the first one, moved by water turbine and coals; the first one with a personal office in the center of the town and with its own flag, sewn in Vienna; the first one that opened a steam power station and delivered a pavilion from Vienna for the first Bulgarian exposure. The first factory which gave pensions to its workers by its own initiative and opened a factory bathroom; one of the first factories whose owners had made insurances to their workers in the beginning of C20, when the insurance stock is being actively developed.
The first performance of Bulgarian anthem in the Aprilov secondary school.
The first one among all the 11 factories for soaps till 1936.
The first factory for coke and coal derivatives.
The first factory for shoe-trees – 1918.
The first “Red Cross” society – founded in November 1st, 1883.
The first contemporary concert hall – opened in October 21st, 1962.
The first meteorological station – January 1st, 1887.

Do you know that :
Gabrovo was declared a creditor in 1942.
In the regional historic museum of Gabrovo is kept the first banknote with a serial number No. 000001 since 1881 and one of the three golden coins of Philip Makedonsky since III C B.C., as well as the most preserved chain armor since C 9 in Bulgaria. The most industrialized town in Bulgaria for the period 1905-1978 had been Gabrovo and therefore it was called ,,Bulgarian Manchester”.
Do you know that inhabitants of Gabrovo are:
The first secretary of state for war – general-mayor Konstantin Popkonstantinov.
The founder of Bulgarian artillery – general-mayor Nikola Ryazkov.
The first chairman of military and science institute – general-lieutenant Hristo Bourmov.
The first Bulgarian woman opera singer who had sung in Milan ,,La Scala”- Elena Doskova – Ricardi.
One of the founders of Bulgarian opera – Bogdana Guizeleva Vulpe.
The first and greatest Bulgarian bibliographer – acad. Nicola Mihov.
The first Bulgarian engineer, shipbuilder and founder of Varna shipyard – Ivan Rodev.
The first Bulgarian psychiatrist and neurologist – doctor Georgi Payakov.
The first secretary of constituent assembly – Ivan Giuzelev.
The first textile engineer Ivan Metev Hristov.
The first machine engineer – Ivan Manafov.
The first midwife – Maria Patruncheva.
The first graduated architect, who had projected the bigger part of Bulgarian railway stations – Hristo Vassilev Enev.