The first reporting period of the international project “Press here: Archive for European industry”, has ended

The first reporting period of the international project “Press here: Archive for European industry” funded by the ERASMUS + program, has ended.

The participation of the Interactive Museum of Industry – Gabrovo was expressed in various activities.

Collection and analysis of archival materials. The textual and photographic sources available to the museum were reviewed in order to select the necessary images and data for the project. The target groups were specified in advance, after several online meetings with the international project partners and specifically under the guidance of the lead partner – the Manuel Leo Foundation – Casa de Imagem – Portugal.

A 3-day international meeting of all partners involved in the project was held in Porto, Portugal. The leading partner of the project, Casa da Imagem, presented their archive, material base and extended team. A visit was organized by one of the partners – School ANTÓNIO FERNANDES DE SÁ. They, together with the participants from the School of Science and Art “Nezihe Derya Baltali” – Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey and Launceston College, Cornwall – United Kingdom, are responsible for adjusting and adapting the developed product to school and educational programs and subsequent tests in the real environment of their students. Various aspects of the project implementation were discussed and smoothed out, such as an expanded analysis of the financial aspects, reporting and dissemination of information. The hosts had also invited a wide group of local experts in different fields (architects, writers, artists and creators in various media) in order to provide feedback on the selected images to the relevant key phrases of the Handbook. The project logo was also presented.

A Handbook was created to form the framework according to which to build the project product – the interactive platform “Press Here”. All partners were involved in the discussions. Casa da Imagem were at the heart of the structure, through their selection of keywords and terms, including a review of the employment law framework relevant to the material analyzed. The Interactive Museum of Industry has provided the necessary image support through its archive. The end result provides visualization of the selected keywords and phrases through specific photos and a corresponding extended textual explanation and will serve as a basis for further development of project activities.

The next stage involves conceptualizing and creating a variety of interactive audio-visual materials to build on the key phrases in the Handbook.