106 Years Since the Death of Hristo Konkilev

Hristo Kolchev Konkilev was born in Gabrovo in 1848. His father died since his youth. He had graduated the school of Gabrovo, and after that he went to Robert College for one year. In 1872 he founded a workshop for woolen braiding in Gabrovo. Hating the oppressors, he and Hristo Topuzanov, together with some intelligent young men from the city founded a secret committee, out of which, in May 1875, the band of Tzanko Dyustabanov was formed. In the Liberation War he is a volunteer. After Liberation he is a deputy for many times, thrice elected a mayor of Gabrovo. Together with his active public work,Hristo Konkilev is looking after and enlarging his factory for production of woolen braiding. His good knowledge of foreign languages has a big contribution to his success. In 1877 he is taking part in the foundation of the English worsted spinning factory of Ivan Kalpazanov. Later on, in 1901, together with his brother’s son Petar, he made a joint stock company, named “Troitsa” for the production of yarns, woolen braiding and homespun. Hristo K. Konkilev dies on November 23rd.,1912.