136 Years Since Foundation of the First Royal Prince Court Factory for Homespun, Cloths and Braids

Ivan Kolchev Kalpazanov chooses the place for his factory nearby the Yantra river, in close proximity to Bichkinya village, 3 kilometers far away from the town. Inauguration takes place on November 13th.,1882, during the Christmas Shrovetide, before thousands of people. All day long, machines had been weaving wool, colored in Bulgarian flag colors and the whole inner side of the factory had been draped with woolen cloths in same colors. Everyone was eager to see how it was possible to spin without distaff and a spinning-wheel. In 1884, prince Alexander Battenberg visited the factory. His grace, as well as the royal court, had a fruitful imprint upon the future work of the factory. During the whole working period of the factory till 1947, it remains a leader in Bulgarian woolen production.