145 Years Since The Birth of Pencho Semov

„I had appeared poor and had created all life long, had struggled and won. My work is visible. I’ve been a teacher, without being a pedagogue. I’m rich, without being selfish. I’m a social person, without being a socialist. I’ve been working with inspiration, without being a poet”.
Being named “ The Bulgarian Rockefeller”, Pencho Semov was born on Oct. 8th,1873. A main shareholder in 28 joint stock companies in Bulgaria, among which are 3 banks and 2 insurance companies. In 1919 the entrepreneur donated 300 thousand golden leva in favor of Bulgaria for the contract of Neuilly Agreement.
The whole story about life and work of the donator Pencho Semov you may be acknowledged with by visiting Interactive Museum of Industry, Gabrovo.