160 Years Since the Birth of Ivan Hadzhiberov

This December we commemorate 160 years since the birth of Ivan Hadzhiberov. He was born in December 1858 in Gabrovo. Hadzhiberov is among the first builders of Gabrovian industry and is famous for lots of Gabrovian innovations. Known as one of the most aggressive managers in the town, called “Gabrovian Japanese” and later pronounced himself “The King of the Electricity”. He is the man who lit the first electric bulb in Bulgaria, the one who first among gabrovians together with Momerin starts the production of modern ready-made clothing in Gabrovo. Hadzhiberov built the first private hydropower plant and is among those, responsible for the connection of Gabrovo to the Bulgarian railroad (he pays the money, needed for the construction of the railroad with his private funds. 10 years later Bulgarian Government covers this debt).
Ivan Hadzhiberov’s factory for fine woolen fabrics remains major in the branch till nationalization in 1947 and his hydropower plant continues to work even after that.