Would You Like to Become a Formula 1 Pilot

One Ferrari colored in red and a futuristic installation are the two new devices of the Interactive Museum of Industry /IMI/ in Gabrovo.
After the donation of F1 Racing Simulator made by Gabrovian “RSeat” company in 2018 to the museum, Municipality of Gabrovo had invested in the necessary technology equipment in order that the mission of driving F1 becomes possible.
Every visitor of IMI can become a pilot, test the thrill and adrenaline from racing on some of the most famous worldwide tracks, jump into the skin of his favorite pilot and if got skills and luck to make all other racers eat his dust. Fans of the high speed, thirst for adventures, bold and self- confident, will hardly find a greater challenge.
For dreamers, curious and impatient to know what we got ahead of us not only after next corner, but after the end of this epoch there is another installation in the museum. It guides the visitors ahead in the future and draws the picture of Gabrovo through 3000th year.
It is hard to draw with simple words, it is necessary to feel this. Become one of the first visitors of Interactive Museum of Industry in 2019 year, and then feel free to invite some friends!